Week 13 MKE -Persistence

This word resonated with me this week, every time I re-read it stood out.  Persistence – A definite plan, expressed in continuous action.  I am reminded thru the day if I persist I win!!


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The other — was NARC – Neurological Associative Reactive Conditioning – remembering pleasure feels good, pain feels bad.  Combining Law of Dual Thought & NARC.   There is a lot to learn on this one, and adding to my daily thoughts.

I have added to my stack of gratitude cards.  As I am reading, the newspaper, facebook etc., always find how grateful everyone is.  Makes my heart feel warm.  Gratitude is a cause not an effect.

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Week 12 MKE – Masterminding

I love conversing with my Mastermind person.  We exchange Marco Polo, and when I am recording myself I have noticed my level of excitement goes up.  They give me wonderful encouragement.

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Many exciting things have been happening, must be all the positivity going on.  Reading the Scroll, my DMP, the BPB etc.  The Mental Diet, using the Law of Substitution frequently.  I am on the road everyday and sometimes it’s hard to control my thoughts, but I remember the Scroll “I greet this day with love in my heart”, and in a lesson, tell everyone “I Love You”.  So that’s what I have been saying, does seem to be working, sure makes me smile.

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Week 10 MKE -Definite Cause

I listened to the three part Definite Purpose webinars this week.  Makes you find your definite purpose thru a series of looking at your qualities, with actions and your wants.  I came to the realization my want is to be successful in my business.  Which isn’t out of the ordinary, but showed me once again, “Do It Now”.

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We also had a great zoom meeting with our tribe.  So wonderful to get to know people and hear their journeys.  I picked up some valuable insight on my struggles.  I have used zoom previously and feel you can get more out of a conversation when you see faces and there expressions.  I have had a family meeting and used zoom for the same reason.

I now know my definite cause and purpose and need to hone in my writing skills to put down on paper.  Having a sit everyday is getting me closer.

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Week 9 MKE – Trust

We are moving fast, and learning so much.  The Left Brain-Right Brain, must be why I have a feeling of overfilled.  I am using both sides.

Compliment and combine-engaging both sides of the brain, the Umbrella 7, seven different ways to learn.

I love the Pay It Forward to the Kansas University Monarch Butterfly Conservation Fund, I am a believer in butterflies and bees go, we go.

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Week 8 Visualizing

I still am enjoying reading Scroll II.  Every time I read I feel myself pouring love outward.  Gives me a wonderful feeling.

Still working on my dream board gathering the items I want to add.

An interesting read for the Lesson this week.  Visualizing from today and going back as far as your mind will let you go.  Lots of different ideas roaming around.

Pinterest Travel Photography

I had an opportunity to visit Norway, this photo reminds me of all the fjords.  We also went to the museum where there is the remains of a ship.  The photo is having me visualize those ships and how long ago that was and how they were made.

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Week 7 Master Key Experience

I am so enjoying the Scroll II, I do love reading and implementing along with Law of Giving, bring a gift which can be a compliment, prayer, trinket, flower… giving something to every person I encounter.

There is also a phrase “Earnest Desire will bring about Confident Expectation and be reinforced by Firm Demand”. I need to re-write this so it is visible at all times.

I purchased the movie “Law of Attraction” quite a few years ago, and am going to watch again.  I find it interesting the movie was only this Law.  Am excited to watch again and review.