Master Key Experience 2019/2020 Week 11

Has been a great week for me.  Thinking all the reading and sits are paying off.  I took the plunge and purchased a newer vehicle.  We went to look at vehicles last Saturday, and of course the dealership wanted a signature on the dotted line.  But held off, on Monday I was ready to sign, on Tuesday thought I should wait, on Wednesday said heck yea lets do this.  Lots of discussion with my husband, which was very nice.  Weighing all the issues.

Everything I have been doing has been coming easier.  Feel my peptides must be swimming in the right direction.  I do love this feeling and don’t want it to stop.  So will be diligent on The 4 Habits.

Persistence has been a huge subject also this week.  It is always in the back of my mind.  I keep telling myself I need to persist if I want my dreams.  Was a full moon December 12th at 12:12 am.  We were out early, was incredible.  Thinking that is also giving me intentions.

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