Week 20 MKE -Future You

We need an Objective – What is it we want, to be confident, successful, self directed thinkers.

We need a Strategy – How do we plan to get there, creating new habits.

We need Tactics – By doing daily habits over several months and have daily massive progression.

We need Habits and Promises – establishing our habits we have learned and keeping the promises we have been telling ourselves.

Industrious – having worthwhile results coming from hard work and careful planning.

Competitive Greatness – being your best when your best is needed.

Self-Control – Keeping your emotions under control.

Alertness – Stay open minded, eager to learn and improve, be observing constantly.

These are a few of the concepts from Wooden’s Pyramid of Success.  He was a very successful coach and you can tell he was very passionate.  I am eager to follow all his qualities and live these!!!

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