Week 19 MKE – Power

We need to become conscious of our power.  The universal mind is the one creative principle in the physical, mental and spiritual world.  We relate to this creative principle by our ability to think.    Thought is the seed, which results in action and action results in form.

We are all on our “Hero’s Journey” looking for the adventure, chipping away at our cement of our golden buddha. We need to answer the call to adventure and awaken the power living in our subconscious.  Make our own trail through the forest, versus following the existing path.

The universe will open doors, where there were only walls by following your bliss.

Have courage to move forward and face your fears, overcome your fears, and gain power.

See the source image

This image reminds me of a visit to the west coastline in Oregon several years ago at a much younger me, standing on a rock waiting for the waves to crash over.  There was a feeling of power.

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