Week 10 MKE -Definite Cause

I listened to the three part Definite Purpose webinars this week.  Makes you find your definite purpose thru a series of looking at your qualities, with actions and your wants.  I came to the realization my want is to be successful in my business.  Which isn’t out of the ordinary, but showed me once again, “Do It Now”.

Image result for purpose

We also had a great zoom meeting with our tribe.  So wonderful to get to know people and hear their journeys.  I picked up some valuable insight on my struggles.  I have used zoom previously and feel you can get more out of a conversation when you see faces and there expressions.  I have had a family meeting and used zoom for the same reason.

I now know my definite cause and purpose and need to hone in my writing skills to put down on paper.  Having a sit everyday is getting me closer.

See the source image


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