Week 9 MKE – Trust

We are moving fast, and learning so much.  The Left Brain-Right Brain, must be why I have a feeling of overfilled.  I am using both sides.

Compliment and combine-engaging both sides of the brain, the Umbrella 7, seven different ways to learn.

I love the Pay It Forward to the Kansas University Monarch Butterfly Conservation Fund, I am a believer in butterflies and bees go, we go.

See the source imageImage result for bees

1 thought on “Week 9 MKE – Trust”

  1. Hi Pamela,
    I enjoyed your blog. Practicing using your left & right brain along with using the 7 ways people learn is quite a mind opener. Also how important it is to look at things differently, to realize there are no common people and that we do have the ability to draw greatness out of us as we keep practicing the skills. Have a wonderful week, thanks for being open & sharing.


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