Week 5 Master Key Experience

I am re-writing my DMP, feel I am getting closer to a final.  Trying to go thru the SMART goals and incorporate within my DMP.  A lot of thinking going on.  It does help to sit and have my DMP go thru my subby.

Also trying to sort out on writing a Press Release.  I have read a few others, and will be working on my writing skills.

Have been handling family issues, and is amazing how much time it takes.  Hard when your parents are elderly and things have been reversed.  They took care of us in the growing years, now it is time for us to take care of them, (or at least help).


2 thoughts on “Week 5 Master Key Experience”

  1. Pamela,
    Your blog was an honest synopsis and it is exciting to experience with you the changes in your DMP working toward a final revision. I too agree that doing a sit around your DMP is definitely a good resource. Helping your family as they get older is such a joy even though it does seem strange to switch the roles. I understand a little what you are going through as I too had to help both of my parents as they got older. Good luck as you continue this wonderful adventure as you go through this new chapter in your life. I’m very blessed to have you on my tribe. Remember, you have got this!


  2. Great MKE week 5 blog post. Thank you for your openness and continuing on in spite of challenges with life situations with your parents.


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