Week 4 Master Key Experience

I do feel I am becoming a happier person.  Really trying to compliment or bring a gift to all I come in contact with.  Does help to bring the smiles.  I am feeling overwhelmed, having to help my mother currently.  I will find the time I need.

Was able to sit and think on my DMP today, and found the words I needed.  I also am finding it is easier to get all the reading in, and enjoying.

8 thoughts on “Week 4 Master Key Experience”

  1. You can do this Pamela! Keep on the journey. The gift bringing does create a happy space. Actually it seems like there lies an exchange in bringing the gift. I pray that you will not be overwhelmed and that good changes continue to come your way.


  2. Pamela,
    I love your honesty and your openness to share. Giving people compliments is fun to do and watching their expressions makes it all worth it. Smiles are gems to share with people too. I’m glad to hear that your sits are helping you with your DMP and that you are becoming a happier person. Hooray for change!

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